laos stopover

Laos Stopover – 4 days – From $291

Laos Stopover offers an isolation from foreign influence and give travelers an unparalleled glimpse of traditional Southeast Asian life. Enjoy the diversity of culture and landscape from the fertile lowlands of the Mekong river valley with rice field to the…

vientiane stopover

Vientiane Stopover – 3 days – From $188

Vientiane Stopover give you an experience in only capital city in Asia has not traffic jam, even in the rush hours, this little charming Vientiane still maintains old French colonial houses and there are only a few handful of modern…

luang prabang highlight

Luang Prabang Highlight – 3 days – From $211

Luang Prabang Highlight tour introduces a beautiful and tranquil dream-like setting with a fusion of foreign influences and splendid landscape scenery, making this an idyllic, unspoiled and charming destination for visitors. It is no wonder this amazing city has been…

luang prabang essentials

Luang Prabang Essentials – 3 days – From $222

Luang Prabang Essentials features 3 days of an exploration of Luang Prabang where old colonial of French buildings remained. Local houses are all respected to their ancestors’ tradition and Luang Prabang still kept under management by UNESCO. Luang Prabang or…

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