laos discovery

Laos Discovery – 14 days – From $1,409

Laos Discovery offers 14 days discovering the stunning diversity that is Laos. This mystical, yet rural country boasts grand ancient temples and historic colonial cities, coupled with the natural wetlands of Si Pan Do, and the cultures of the many…

laos exploration

Laos Exploration – 11 days – From $1,230

Laos Exploration gives travelers an adventurous discovery of hidden Laos to sacred area of colorful ethnic group of minority Laos who come from Indonesia and China more than 10,000 years ago. A combination of 4WD expedition, river boat trip and…

laos light adventure

Laos Light Adventure – 8 days – From $758

Laos Light Adventure is the combination of adventure and culture expedition. Some places are non-touristy area where you could see few travelers and enjoy the pure nature of unseen Laos. Also a good connection to Vietnam in the last day.…

laos expedition

Laos Expedition – 9 days – From $765

Laos Expedition tour offers nine-day Asian odyssey travels from Houeisay, travelling by foot, car, boat and tuk-tuk to the heart of Laos. See the mysterious Plain of Jars and ancient ruins of Xieng Khoang, stunning scenery and the best part…

luang prabang adventure

Luang Prabang Adventure – 4 days – From $341

Luang Prabang Adventure tour leads you to explore Luang Prabang and its surrounding by adventure way, starting with easy walk in rural area and Khuangsi waterfall, before taking elephant ride and trek through the jungle. 4 Days/ 3 Nights: Luang…

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