Halong City - New Appearance

Halong City – A New Appearance

The investment which focuses on urban infrastructure in the recent year made a total change in Halong city appearance. In 2016, the total number tourists come to Halong reached 6.14 million. International visitors were 2.62 million, which earning nearly 5.8 billion. The appearance of the city also changes in accordance with the new stature of a tourist center.

Halong City – A New Appearance

Halong city in the center of Quang Ninh province has an area of 27,195.03 hectares with a national highway 18A which runs through the length of the city. This city also has a seaport, a coastline of 50km length. Halong city is proud of Halong Bay. UNESCO recognized as a World Heritage Site with an area of 434 km2.

Halong City turns urban renewal in the main axis, renovate and upgrade many main paths which made many inconvenient for users. On provincial roads 336 and 337, thousands of households donated over 9,500 square meters of land to build roads.

Planning and exhibition of Quang Ninh province on Halong Bay beaches are one of the unique architectural highlights of dolphins. This architecture is unique and impressive art which was built totally by foreign high technology.

Halong City - New Appearance

Halong City – a new appearance

Dragon Park – new entertainment point

Southeast Asia’s largest theme park, Dragon Park, is part of the Sun World populace Halong Park, the entertainment brand under the Sun Group, has come into operation in early 2017. This event made more people all over the world know about Halong city as the center entertainment of Quang Ninh province in particular and Vietnam in general.

Tourism products are also rich along with the cultural works which create amazing attractions. In addition, many new urban areas overlooking the sea. They gradually create a unique style for the city on both sides of Hon Gai and Bai Chay,… We believe that with this development rate, Halong City will become the most modern city in Viet Nam.

Other new points in Halong City

Large intersections renovated, especially at Bai Chay bridge, is also the main point in this strategy of Halong City.  The streets with many buildings have made Halong completely new in the visitor mindset.

Government also upgrade and renovate the old streets, remove many old houses after many years. All of that bring a totally new appearance for a big tourism city of Vietnam. Halong also has the idea of planting trees on the streets which were expanded following theme. With the expectation, in the future, Halong will have flowers, phoenix flower … or “ceramic wall” named of Halong Bay.

We cannot forget to mention to buildings from many strategic investors in and outside the city. They are changing the face of urban such as international hospital Vimec, Halong flower garden, large commercial buildings, …

In 2017, with implementation of many key projects, is contributing to Halong closer to the goal of civilized and hospitality city.

Halong city – city of peace

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Halong City – A New Appearance
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    Halong City – A New Appearance
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