Homestay Sapa

Homestay Sapa – How do you get the best?

It is very convenient for you to book a ticket in Homestay Sapa via Great Tours service. We will find all necessary information about place, price, and rules that you should follow when living in this homestay.

Homestay Sapa – a new model, a new travel style

There are several accommodations you can choose when coming to Sapa – foggy city such as hotel, resort,… However, nowadays, with the creative and unique, Homestay Sapa is more and more dominate travelers’ choices. This type is not only cheaper than other accommodations but also closer to local living where visitors can easily learn and share with homeowners.

Homestay Sapa – live like in your house

In the fact, there are two main types of Homestay. With this special kind of living, you will feel the real life. Homestay has been available in Sapa over several years. This new model is the wonderful way for visitors explore fully Sapa: people, weather, culture and spirit values. Guest also can buy food and cook there freely.

You should book the room before coming to Sapa. Because nobody can ensure that it is available to easily choose suitable room for all journeys.  In addition, checking furniture and price is also play an important role which travelers have experience always make a note.

Homestay Sapa - Private room

Sapa Homestay – Private room

Homestay Sapa tradition

When coming to Sapa, you can see all homestay is built from wood or brick. There are more convenient for people because of no separate bedrooms or en-suit bathrooms with standing shower, hair-dryer, and free toiletries. In case, several rooms with cheaper price maybe share one clean toilet. However, don’t worry because the bathrooms will respond enough convenient like a couple of western style toilets and warm showers. Luxury homestays, quite different with a traditional homestay, this model are modernized with the modern facilities such as cable TV, electricity, or Wi-Fi Internet. We can ensure that all rooms are very comfortable, clean and use available.

Homestay Sapa - High standard room

Sapa Homestay – High standard room

How to get the best Homestay Sapa

Don’t worry about the quality of foods and drinks in luxury homestays because they are very delicious. Almost dishes are well-decorated with more attractively small pattern by handmade. These items will bring special emotion with closet with tradition and family. If you want to eat something, let share with house owners and having a good meal together.

There are facilities to buy soft drinks, beers or water at an additional cost. All passengers will concentrate on the living room to enjoy the meal. Therefore, you can build the relationship with people living in there and share the experience to get an awesome trip. Moreover, in luxury homestays, you can live in the safe environment to avoid the fraud. Finally, the disadvantage of guesthouse style homestays compared to popular homestays is price both of the room and food.

Homestay Sapa - Traditional room

Sapa Homestay – Traditional room

Traditional homestays, which are similar to popular homestays, are homestays style of local people and usually closet the local living. You can live together with local people. Living, eating, acting with the same timetable and culture with them. This model is quite different with luxury homestays, which you can come to Sapa and ask the local people to overnight during the trip. With this modern type, no need to book advanced.

Homestay Sapa – living like your own family.

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Homestay Sapa – How do you get the best?
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    Homestay Sapa – How do you get the best?
    5 (100%) 5 votes