Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market for Sunday

It takes about 8 hours to ride a train from Hanoi to Lao Cai where famous with local Sapa markets. Bac Ha market is one of the local markets in Sapa – Lao Cai. Other interesting markets you can discover, for example Muong Hum market, Can Cau market, Cao Son market, Lung Khau Nhin market…

Bac Ha market for Sunday

If you look at a map, Sapa is on the left side, 38km from Lào Cai, and Bac Ha market is on the right side, 70 km from Lào Cai. Both Sapa and Bac Ha are popular tourist destinations in Northwest Vietnam. Tourists often go to Bac Ha on Sundays to see the market of the flower H’mong ethnic minority people (different with black H’mong people in Sapa based on their dresses).

Local people hold Bac Ha market every Sunday from morning until 2 pm. The local people will bring their own products such as pigs, corn wine, dogs and even horses to this market for purchase. Not only sale, they also buy necessary things for their families. Bac Ha market is not only a market, but it is also a chance for them to meet, talk and enjoy their lives. People come here also for loving, finding their love with random in life.

The most special things when coming to this market is there is always a minibus type stopped at the border. Travelers can use this means of transport with free choice and flexible time. It was amazing to remember to be at a place with full of colorful dresses of H’mong people. Let come here and see their faces with the happiness.

Bac Ha market people

Bac Ha market people

All traditional activities of these ethical people are showed naturally. The way they eat, the way to purchase, all cultures are specialties which you cannot see in anywhere. Eating noodle or “thắng cố” food is one of the best way to try the most popular food in Bac Ha market, which will be an unforgettable memory in this special vacation.

Bac Ha market – not only a local market, it is tourist market

The main purpose and role of this market in economic development belong to tourist. Visitors not only buy a product but they also can gain service and even valuable traditional cultures.

This product in Bac Ha market is maybe not a famous brand in the world or even in Vietnam, however, they are the way that local people show their daily activities. The handmade products always make a special feeling for buyers.

No need to have so much money, you also can feel the whole ethnic Vietnam fashion, life and people.

The market welcome visitors with unique alcohol, maize-made product. Maize is a special material which was planned in high mountains. This product has high productivity and high nutrition that become one of the most popular brands in Bac Ha market.

Bac Ha market for Sunday

Bac Ha market on Sunday

Don’t forget to take photos to remain special time here. Visit Bac Ha market to have an opportunity to more understand about Vietnam traditional culture.

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Bac Ha market for Sunday
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